JEFF SHINABARGER  is a social entrepreneur and the author of More or Less and Yes or No. Jeff is Executive Director of Plywood People and has a vision to make Atlanta a center for social innovation, while personally engaging in over 250 problem solving start-ups. His work has been featured by CNN, USA Weekend, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Huffington Post, Christianity Today, Coca-Cola, Relevant Magazine, and the Chicago Sun Times. He is the co-founder of Q and creatively led Catalyst for eight years. Many gatherings, universities and corporations invite Jeff to share his insights with their communities including TedX, Pecha Kucha, Creative Mornings, Catalyst, and Q Ideas. Jeff and his wife, Andre, live in Atlanta and have two children.


The Team



Jeff Shinabarger

Founder / Executive Director


Bethaney Herrington

Event Lead



 Callie Murray

Community Manager


 Kayla Stagnaro

Executive Administrative Assistant / Project Manager

Our Board

Jim Dudley
Owner, Wash Me Fast
Board Chairman, Plywood People

Sela Missirian
VP Strategy & Business Development, Brown Bag Marketing

Robby Brown
Founder, Litus Advisors

Jeremy Blume
Vice President, DEMOSS

Joel Iverson
Co-Founder, Monday Night Brewing

Greg Gilbert
Managing Director, Ronald Blue & Co.


Monica Lage
Founder and Executive Director, Break Into Business

Aaron Fortner
Principal, Canvas Planning

David Farmer
VPMenu Strategy & Development, Chick-Fil-A

Rick Mercer
President, Urban Oaks Builders

Chris Bledsoe

Jeff Shinabarger
Executive Director of Plywood People