Thoughts on Culture by the Team at See.Spark.Go.

#PLYWORD BLOG: CULTURE BY: Monique Jacques & Brittany Thoms, See.Spark.Go A company culture reflects the passions, challenges, hopes and history of its collective team and mission. At See.Spark.Go, we work diligently to create a culture of high fives, fun, genuine care and say-it-with-me, “hard work!” We believe that doing work that matters is a product […]

10 Points on Culture by Billy Boughey, Elevate Live Events

Culture is the most important metric in business. At Elevate, we view our hiring process, business strategies, and scope of work through the lens of our company culture. We intentionally design a team and environment that go hand in hand with our company vision. People should know our core values by looking at our team and how […]

On Culture by Bryan Miles, BELAY

A lot of people confuse culture with a company’s external characteristics — a ping-pong table in the breakroom, flip-flops and longboards cruising the hallways. And while these things might be expressive of an organization’s culture, they aren’t culture in and of themselves. To me, culture is the force which rallies ordinary people around a shared […]

Dignity by Tiffany Trivett

Dignity: the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. . I finished “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”, a seriously remarkable book, in just two hours. The best words for it are: Drinkable and Clarifying. Drinkable because it is eloquently written. Clarifying because it shifts paradigms into sharper view. . In 1995, […]

Dignity: Inherent and Immeasurable Worth

During this political and cultural climate of “us vs them” and walls and borders, matched with a social media climate ill-absorbed in “selfie” status, I think what we need is a bit of dignity shared with humanity to stand up to the negative forces that tell us to judge others and place varied value on […]