Artist Spotlight // Carla Goodman

Founder of Blue Sage at the Queen of Hearts Antiques What problem are you solving? : My desire is to hire a refugee woman to paint. To teach a new skill to earn an income. What inspired you to start? : Always loved decorating! 

Artist Spotlight // Sharonda Frazier

SDF Photography: a mother, wife and a business owner who spent her whole life without a hobby or something to be truly obsessed about….until the day I picked up a digital camera. not one of those point and shoot kind that are the size of your hand and fool you into thinking you have so […]

Company Spotlight //

Ahmelie: (ah-mah-lee) Industrious One: True to my name’s meaning, my hands have always enjoyed being busy.  I la-la-love sewing.  I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember and I have a fabric stash to prove it!   I love bright colors and vintage prints, I hate throwing away something that might still have useful life.  I’m impatient, sassy […]

Artist Spotlight // Stanton Lanier

Stanton Lanier, Pianist of Peace, Founder of Music to Light the World, Marietta, GA, use Vermont studio for recordings What Problem are you solving? : Giving hope and healing in the arts (recordings), the church (concerts), and for the sick (over 50k CDs donated to cancer patients so far)