Owning Less. Living More.

Joshua Becker is the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist, a website that inspires people to find more life by owning less stuff. Currently, he lives in sunny Peoria, AZ with his wife and two young kids. Owning Less. Living More. For most of my life, I lived a typical middle-class American lifestyle. I chased job promotions, […]

Idea Competition

When we’re mentoring entrepreneurs in Atlanta, we always ask what we can do to help. We have found there are some common hold ups in making ideas a reality and through our Idea Competition we are trying to address as many of them as possible. Let us show you how! 1. Money: This is the […]

Questions to determine volunteer projects…

Gisele Nelson: Coffee drinker, reader and book collector, porch sitter, organizer, so-so piano player, obsessed with Google docs, master of old-lady-phrases, and good listener. As your organization is growing, people will want to be part of the work. Equally, you’ll need the help expert volunteers have to offer. Sometimes determining where volunteers can best contribute can […]

Plywood Presents: Amy Flurry

@AmyFlurry | paper-cut-project.com | recipeforpress.com I solve the problem of……. needing press coverage on a national level for your brand when you don’t have the budget for a publicist.   I solve this problem because……. as a writer and editor for national magazines and online publications for 20 years and someone on the receiving end of thousands of pitches, […]

My Role Keeps Changing

Deborah Lubbe: Unashamed organizer of chaos. Advocate for a better world through actionable change. Living life generously. Volunteer and Logistics Coordinator @WellspringLivin. We’ve all had it happen. At a meet-and-greet, networking event, a cocktail party, Plywood Presents…cough…cough, or basically any place where we meet new people. The inevitable question arises, “What do you do? “ For […]