3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Family Vacations

“I don’t know.” This is what my ten year old daughter said to me when I asked her to consider our yearly extended family vacations and what they have meant to her. I poked around some more with what I thought were better questions only to be met with mild irritation and the growing scowl […]


Every day I have a conversation with a person trying to solve a problem. I try to encourage them, connect them to someone that can help them, or give them a small tip that could help get their vision past the current hill. People often ask, are there any consistencies that I am seeing time […]

Owning Less. Living More.

Joshua Becker is the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist, a website that inspires people to find more life by owning less stuff. Currently, he lives in sunny Peoria, AZ with his wife and two young kids. Owning Less. Living More. For most of my life, I lived a typical middle-class American lifestyle. I chased job promotions, […]

Importance of Social Innovation and Creativity in Communities

by Gisele Nelson. When is the last time you’ve taken a drive through your town and named a problem that you see? Potholes in the streets, the corner quickie mart that may or may not have a drug operation running out of it, hungry people sitting along side the road, drivers being inconsiderate to bikers, […]