Plywood Presents is not for me

A few years ago, I had just hired a handful of employees at the quirky marketing company I had founded. I was pregnant with my second child, and I was living in a small town a few hours outside of our home in Atlanta thanks to my husband’s military orders. I didn’t really know another business owner, […]


Every day I have a conversation with a person trying to solve a problem. I try to encourage them, connect them to someone that can help them, or give them a small tip that could help get their vision past the current hill. People often ask, are there any consistencies that I am seeing time […]

How Your Decisions Will Uncover Your Calling

Nicaragua was our haven for a two month sabbatical. Twice a week my family rented bikes from a social enterprise that was employing men coming out of addiction recovery programs or jail. We were the first customers at the bike shop to request a child seat. Our daughter Jada was nearly two, so we needed […]

The Superhero Streak

Every problem solver has a Superhero Streak. It comes with the territory. In a fantasy often playing just below the surface, my logoed bodysuit occasionally peeks through a buttonhole as I wait serenely at the bus stop. Seconds after a toddler across town whimpers his need, I swoop in to comfort, protect, and rescue from […]

Rise to the Level of Your Brand

Ben Arment is the author of Dream Year | | @benarment For 100 years, the University of Oregon’s football team had a losing record. But in 1995, something happened and the Ducks made it to the Rose Bowl and then the Cotton Bowl in 1996. They haven’t stopped winning since. So what changed? They […]