RHYTHM: It’s what gets people out on the dance floor.

Today, we have the opportunity to hear from Joy Thigpen, Creative Director, on the idea of the flow cycle. She breaks down her method and challenges us to think creatively about how to recognize this rhythm in our work when creating. We all know it’s not the lyrics or the melody that matter even a […]

Perceptions Interview with Dave Ranney

1. How does perception play a role in your creations? By day, I am a graphic designer that uses color, form and typography to influence the way the public perceives a brand. The work I am creating as And Also sprouted from a 100-day project that had the goal of rediscovering my own visual POV […]

Toyota, Honda and the Perceptions that Drive Us All

by Jeff Shinabarger I wanted a new car. You may have never thought about this, but as the leader of a nonprofit organization you can’t just drive any car. A used car would probably be the best choice, but my car-fixing abilities are minimal I even struggle to change a tire. So when it came […]

Thoughts on Culture by the Team at See.Spark.Go.

#PLYWORD BLOG: CULTURE BY: Monique Jacques & Brittany Thoms, See.Spark.Go A company culture reflects the passions, challenges, hopes and history of its collective team and mission. At See.Spark.Go, we work diligently to create a culture of high fives, fun, genuine care and say-it-with-me, “hard work!” We believe that doing work that matters is a product […]

On Culture by Bryan Miles, BELAY

A lot of people confuse culture with a company’s external characteristics — a ping-pong table in the breakroom, flip-flops and longboards cruising the hallways. And while these things might be expressive of an organization’s culture, they aren’t culture in and of themselves. To me, culture is the force which rallies ordinary people around a shared […]