Thoughts on Culture by the Team at See.Spark.Go.

#PLYWORD BLOG: CULTURE BY: Monique Jacques & Brittany Thoms, See.Spark.Go A company culture reflects the passions, challenges, hopes and history of its collective team and mission. At See.Spark.Go, we work diligently to create a culture of high fives, fun, genuine care and say-it-with-me, “hard work!” We believe that doing work that matters is a product […]

On Culture by Bryan Miles, BELAY

A lot of people confuse culture with a company’s external characteristics — a ping-pong table in the breakroom, flip-flops and longboards cruising the hallways. And while these things might be expressive of an organization’s culture, they aren’t culture in and of themselves. To me, culture is the force which rallies ordinary people around a shared […]

Dignity in Belonging

Dignity means knowing that you have worth, purpose, and belong in the world. Dignity strips away any notion or erroneous idea that you are an outcast and have no voice. Two weeks ago, I met a gentleman named Mark digging in the trashcan behind our building. He’s a sixty-year-old man, and instead of asking him […]

Thoughts On Dignity from Bethaney Herrington

What if our culture of service was more defined by what we accomplish with others than by what we accomplish for them? It was 2009 and I found myself on the west-side of Chicago participating in a service trip. As is true for many service-driven individuals, I was confident that my choice to volunteer for […]

3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Family Vacations

“I don’t know.” This is what my ten year old daughter said to me when I asked her to consider our yearly extended family vacations and what they have meant to her. I poked around some more with what I thought were better questions only to be met with mild irritation and the growing scowl […]