Plywood People is a non-profit in Atlanta that leads a community of start-ups doing good. We exist to support the for-profit business leader, the non-profit activist and the community member who is using their resources to better their community and serve the common good. We provide this support through coaching, mentorship and through the creation of experiences that support start-up leaders in their work. We also support leaders by providing a collaborative co-working space for them to call home. We call this co-working space Plywood Place!

At Plywood Place, a team of one becomes a team of twenty. Hard-working entrepreneurs at various stages in their project’s development are able to consistently speak into each others’ ideas and provide much needed encouragement and feedback. By working from Plywood Place, you not only get access to great content but to a great community. Better is happening every day and the best way to experience it for yourself and for your project is to go all-in with a membership at Plywood Place!



Plywood Place memberships are month-to-month contracts.
Contact for more information.

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