How often do you evaluate your projects and propel your creations into tomorrow?

We think too often projects stagnate; we get caught up in the details of the daily, and fail to focus on really progressing projects forward. The ideas may be connecting with people today, but what are you creating that will define your industry 5 years from now?



“I enjoyed most of all the interaction with the attendees and the mentor one-on-one time. I can’t say there was anything over the couple days that I didn’t enjoy.”

-Jason Collier

“Being away with creatives was so refreshing. I turned off my phone, created relationships, and was allowed to further concentrate and enjoy all the good things about those few days. my eyes were way more opened because of this.” 

- Morgan Blake


“Honestly, I enjoyed all of the presentations. All the information was valuable. Some info I am able to use right away and other info I will be using more in the future.”

- Laura Pritchard-Compton

“I had never been to Serenbe and I was in HEAVEN. I truly can’t think of anything I liked the least. The meals were great, the scenery set the mood, and everything was inspiring.”

- Xanna Kidd


 Next event March 16-18, 2015

We are crafting a collaborative gathering designed for influencers like you. Join us for the Plywood Retreat! We’re gathering innovators from across industries to encourage, inspire and engage each other in the future of society. A retreat bringing together social entrepreneurs, cultural creatives, local influencers, passionate activists, and industry executives together for a gathering of the minds. Mark your calendar. Plywood Retreat.

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Here is how the gathering will transpire:


Pre-Learning – Each participant will have a one-hour conversation with Jeff Shinabarger, Founder of Plywood People to have a clear scope of where you hope to change your organization. Plus, there will be an essential pre-reading to prepare your mind for innovation and creativity.

Lectures – We will have presentations across the 3 days. Each lecture will be a challenge in a critical aspect of your idea causing you to think in both with an immediate and long term perspective: Branding, Innovation, Community, Sustainability, and Imagination. These words may seem common, but we guarantee the presentations will cause brain stimulation beyond your current creations.

Innovation Guides – Each lecture will have a series of three questions for a personal reflection based on the content shared by our thought leaders. Instantly following the presentation, participants will have a focused time of personal reflection and guided learning. Before you forget what you just learned, you will be forced to process what it means for your organization.

Collaboration – After self-evaluation, you will converse in groups of 4 leaders to debrief your personal reflections and speak into others findings. The end of each collaborative segment will result in one action item to implement after the retreat.

Personal Dreaming – As leaders, we all get tired and are in need of new focus, think time and fuel to super charge your body. There will be a two-hour dedicated time at the retreat with an absence of technology. This will act as a short sabbatical including a guided prayer labyrinth, quiet journaling, and walking through nature.

Post-Learning – One month after the retreat each participant will have a follow up conversation with Plywood People to re-address action items from the gathering, progress, questions and further thoughts.


Serenbe is a 1,000-acre community located 30 minutes southwest of Atlanta. It is a national model for the future of balanced development in the U.S.— focusing on land preservation, agriculture, energy efficiency, green building, walkability, high-density building, arts and culture, and community living for multiple generations. Serenbe embodies social innovation from every inch of the property. The New York Times dubbed Serenbe a “Sonoma for the New South.”


The Inn at Serenbe is the ideal environment for any gathering of the minds. We have reserved a select group of rooms located between the farmhouse, the guesthouse and the lakehouse.  Each participant will be personally matched up with a roommate for the occasion that we think will enhance your experience and he a cohort for future ideas.



All meals will be delicious at the Plywood Retreat and will be shared at the table together because we all know the greatest conversations happen over great meals. We will purposefully give ample time for these important portions of the day. There is no greater host for these meals than the Farmhouse. With beloved recipes made with farm-fresh organic ingredients grown just steps away on the Serenbe Farms. The weekly-changing menu is crafted by Marie Nygren (co-founder of the community) and is rich with Southern delicacies straight from her storied recipe box, prepared in a style that highlights the flavor and nutrients of farm-fresh produce. The restaurant has been featured in the New York Times, Bon Appetit & Gourmet, and was named “Best New Restaurant” by Atlanta Magazine.



The price of the weekend is $1000, and due after your application is approved. All-inclusive and includes 2 nights accommodation, daily gourmet meals, lectures, and a new community to bounce fresh thoughts around for years to come.