Friday Five // Clever Fundraising Ideas

As a non-profit, as you can imagine, we’re always looking out for clever fundraising ideas. We thought you might be interested in a few that have piqued our interest as of late.

1. 50 for $50. This is our go-to at our annual silent auction. We have 50 envelopes each with a card inside with an awesome item written on it. The items inside can range in value from $25 all the way to $500. We always have 1 big item like a weekend away, an iPad, or a flat screen TV. Everyone wins! They buy and envelope and get SOMETHING and one person walks away with the grand prize! Display all the items on a table so everyone can see what they’re in the running for.

2. Meals With a Mission is a unique fundraising idea. Invite friends over for dinner and ask them each to contribute $100. Then you each bring a cause that you think is deserving of the money pooled at the dinner. It’s a great way to make your friends aware of causes you believe are worth supporting, and you get to have a great time with friends at the same time.

3. Brown Bag Wine: You have various wines all in brown bags. They can be $200 bottles of wine or they can be a $12 Malbec. You pay $25 and get your pick of a brown bagged wine and then see what you win! Get a sponsor or a wine shop to donate the wine as their contribution if you can, and that way you’ll make even more on the fundraiser.

4. Pure Charity: This is a brilliant idea, if you haven’t heard of it before. All you have to do, is sign up with Pure Charity and then get the webapp. When you shop online, for stores that qualify, there will be a little Pure Charity box in the top lefthand corner of the site. You click on the box, and as you shop you earn money back for your Pure Charity fund. THEN you can contribute that money to projects that have been set up on Pure Charity. I hope I’m making sense. It’s really a brilliant way to shop and earn money for causes you care about at the same time!

5. Say Thank You [and be generous]. Thank you is INCREDIBLY powerful. Write a hand-written note to thank those who give to you. I promise it will make it 10 times more likely that they’ll give to you again. Show your gratitude. Sometimes even show your gratitude generously with something your givers would appreciate. When others are generous with you and your mission, be generous back with your gratitude and something meaningful to them.

What clever fundraising ideas do you have? 

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