Why should i join?

Path is a 6-week community-driven learning experience taking your passion fueled ideas and turning them into purpose driven work for people wanting to make things better in our world. Joining Path by Plywood will offer you the coaching and accountability needed to decide what your next steps (your "path forward") should be as you take your idea and make it a reality.

what can i expect?

By participating in Path, you can expect:

  • to follow a proven problem-solving method that has been implemented by hundreds of people before you.
  • to learn from 24 leading social entrepreneurs. Each week starts with a short e-book from Jeff Shinabarger (Founder of Plywood), and includes video content, written interviews, reflective challenges, and group meetups.
  • thoughtful questions to answer after each section, with the opportunity to give and receive feedback from your peers.
  • a weekly video call with others in the course, led by a Plywood People coach.
  • access to the course content for a year.
  • an invitation to continue the community engagement with an invitation to our private Facebook community group.

Where & when is it?

Path by Plywood is offered four times during the year. The next cohort of 2018 will begin April 10. Reserve your spot now!

Once your course begins, you will then log in to the app or website as your schedule permits to complete your lessons, and you will join the weekly video meet-ups once a week for 6 weeks. There will be multiple times offered for the video calls (usually noon and 8pm), and you can choose what best fits your schedule each week.

What does it cost?

Path by Plywood is currently being offered for $249 upfront or $25/month for 12 months.

We feel strongly that this course will make your work better, so we’re offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you finish this course and are not satisfied, we will give you a FULL refund.

Path by Plywood was the exact action I needed to take to bring my idea to life; the relationships built, lessons learned, and support offered were powerful and purposeful.
— Rachelle Knowles / Cultivate Union

Learn from voices including...

Quotes from our post-path survey below...

As a first time entrepreneur, I felt completely overwhelmed by everything I didn’t know. Participating in Path gave me the tools and accountability to launch my business. I still had to do the hard work, and launching my own business was still terrifying but knowing I wasn’t alone kept me going when I wanted to quit.
What Path really did for me professionally and personally is that it helped me declutter my thoughts to give me a sense of direction to where I’d like to take my idea as problem solver.
Path is one of the first workshops that I have done that is so inclusive of people at different stages in their project, which I think made it awesome, and gave people like me a chance to reflect, as well as to hear from people in the dreaming stages. I feel re-energized about the work I do, and am grateful for the pace of the program.