Plywood People functions because of three primary elements working together: our platform, our people, and our process.

  • Our Platform is a continual lead generator for emerging projects and social entrepreneurs. It is also a broadcasting space to share the next best creations. This platform consists of books and publications, our social media following and content, and events like Black Box Sessions and Plywood Presents.
  • Our People includes those with new ideas, those who are scaling organizations, and leaders who serve as advisors. These groups work together to share information, empathy and occasionally funding. 
  • Our Process is the curriculum and overall system that drives the educational component of our work. This includes our digital course Path by Plywood, our retreat method, and our ongoing mentorship cycle we call Layers.

We have created Plywood Partnerships as a vehicle to connect our process and our platform to other communities. You provide the people, and we'll provide the platform and process to bring their ideas to life.




Become a Plywood Partner

Are you interested in bringing Plywood to your community? Email Callie to talk about options.