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We collect gift cards and give them to people that really need them.  Jeff and Andre Shinabarger went to a gathering and asked 8 people how much money in unused Gift Cards they had with them and walked away with $50 in Gift Cards to help people in need.  Gift Card Giver was born.

Gift Card Giver is a new form of giving.  Every year more than $8 Billion goes unused in gift cards and we believe their is an opportunity to match needs with these gift cards. Since inception we have given away over $200,000 to over 150 stories.

How many gift cards do you have sitting in your wallet?  We guess you have at least $5 of unused gift cards right now.  What’s 5 bucks going to buy you?  Maybe a pair of socks…but 10 people giving 5 bucks will buy a kid a winter coat.


STEP 1: Use your gift card or send a full card.

STEP 2: Write the amount on your card using a permanent marker.

STEP 3: Place the card in an envelope and mail it:

Gift Card Giver 
PO Box 17920 

Atlanta, GA 30316

8 billion dollars goes unused in gift cards every year

We collect and distribute cards to appropriate Non-Profits and individuals that can use those cards to help others. Every gift has three references and is vetted through our process. This is a grass roots campaign and you are a vital piece to the idea coming to life.  We promise to meet need and help others with your gift.


Host a Party

Every house party is simple and you can make it as unique as you want. Others have hosted Gift Card Giver birthday parties, Superbowl parties, Christmas parties, luaus, barbeques, church functions, or just a fun night of games.

The three important elements in every House Party include: A bouncer at the door to collect gift cards as entry. An unending quantity of card games to entertain for the evening . After the party, mailing your stack of gift cards.

To register for a Gift Card Giver House Party send an email to (with host name, date & time of party, and party address).

Request a Jar

We need friends (like you) to volunteer to be a “Card Shark.” We’ve designed these nifty giving jars and have already been dreaming of all the places our card sharks can use them: at your office on your desk or in a break room, at your local coffee shop, even at your next family gathering. The possibilities are endless and for people who might have cards to give, this makes the process as easy as dropping the card in the jar.

You take it from there. Card Sharks can monitor their jars and send in stacks of cards as the jars fill. Same address as always:
Gift Card Giver P.O. Box 17920, Atlanta GA 30316.

If you’re in, just email with your address and we’ll mail you a giving jar with all the details.



$200,000 in gift cards given to 150 needs.

Gas Cards matched with a family driving from Alabama to Boston for medical treatment.

Ice Cream matched with a children’s after school program.

Victoria’s Secret matched to a women’s shelter in need of undergarments for their residents.

Restaurants matched with non-profit volunteer programs Phone cards matched with women rescued from a trafficking situation, being reunited to their families.

Department Stores matched with a family of 12 devastated by a house fire.

Craft Stores matched with an intercity arts program.

Office Supplies matched with nonprofits to offset overhead costs.



It is generous of you to think of others. Thank you. Please fill out this form. We announce our giving twice per year (June and December).

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