Become a Plywood Advisor

WHO: We currently have around 90 Advisors (see the group here), with the plan to add more only as we meet the right fits. Each person we ask to join has been approved by a member of our Board of Directors.

WHAT: A Plywood Advisor agrees to serve as an advocate for the Plywood People community by investing:

  • Intellectual Influence - offering advice, counsel and direction to individuals in the Plywood People community via curated "advisement opportunities". Examples of advisement opportunities may include speaking to a Path group via an online video call, sharing with a small group at Plywood Place, being a mentor at a retreat mentor dinner, or connecting with someone in the community for coffee or a phone call, as coordinated by a Plywood staff member.

  • Social Influence - advocating for and inviting others to experience Plywood People curriculum, events and opportunities

  • Financial Influence - supporting Plywood People, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, through donations, ticket purchases to Plywood People events, tuition sponsorships for social entrepreneurs and/or connections to other donors or sponsoring organizations.

WHERE/WHEN: We ask that an Advisor be open to an Advisement Opportunity up to once a quarter, although an Advisor will always have the opportunity to say yes or no depending on their schedule.

This is an opportunity to advise and impact at curated one-time Advisement Opportunities. This is not a Board Member level of commitment, and this is not an on-going one-on-one mentorship commitment.

WHY: Becoming a Plywood Advisor allows you the opportunity to impact people as they launch and sustain, trusting Plywood People to only invite you to opportunities that would be fruitful for all involved. We aim to maximize your time and influence investment.

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