10 Points on Culture | By Billy Boughey, Elevate Live Events

Culture is the most important metric in business. At Elevate, we view our hiring process, business strategies, and scope of work through the lens of our company culture. We intentionally design a team and environment that go hand in hand with our company vision. People should know our core values by looking at our team and how we interact with one another and our clients.
Positive organizational culture takes effort to create and maintain. Our core values are: Relationships, Remark-ability, Enthusiasm, Initiative, and Bravery. We greet delivery drivers by name, celebrate guests, and even break into dance parties when appropriate. Also, we foster growth by participating in team-wide book discussions, attending relevant conferences, and diving into leadership opportunities. 

Culture doesn’t happen by chance. It’s intentionally created and designed. 

Quick Culture Points:
1) Think for your team (Schedule, team building & growth opportunities) 
2) Put time aside weekly to encourage your team with your words.
3) Challenge team members one-on-one who have an issue with someone else on your staff. Don’t let lower emotional maturity seep into your culture. 
4) Be real, share your struggles and don’t shy away from honest conversations.
5) Assume the best in people.
6) Prioritize fun. 
7) Celebrate things that matter to others and not only what matters to your business model.
8) Speak life into people.
9) Your “NOs” are more important than your “YESs”
10) Always welcome ideas from your team. This fosters creativity and leads to momentum and buy-in.