Artist Spotlight | Sharonda Frazier

SDF Photography: a mother, wife and a business owner who spent her whole life without a hobby or something to be truly obsessed about….until the day I picked up a digital camera. not one of those point and shoot kind that are the size of your hand and fool you into thinking you have so many options. the real thing – the cameras with letters and roman numerals in their names and lenses and aperture settings and f stops and I could go on and on. i was hooked, truly hooked and before long the desire to take photos of more than just my children and my immediate surroundings grew. 

What Problem are you solving? : affordable photos with high quality for people in a struggle economy

What do you wish you would have known before you started? : How much fun and how cathartic it is

What are you most proud of? : Those “it” moments that take people’s breath away

What is your favorite thing about Atlanta? : the diversity