Courage from a CEO

Courage is “”the quiet voice at the end of the day telling you to try again tomorrow”", it’s resilience, it’s running after your big scary dreams when you don’t have it quite figured out yet, it’s traveling to foreign countries-solo, it’s quitting your job and taking leaps of faith in the unknown.

Courage is any moment you feel empowered to overcome fear, destroy obstacles or dare to be bold.

I’ve learned to find my courage from my support system of friends and family that cheer me on in all my crazy adventures and ideas, but also allow me to fail and love me all the same. The past 4 months courage has had to be my MO as I moved around the world, bought a business and became a first time mother (which in itself has brought on a whole new level of courage as I navigate life with a newborn while leading a rockstar team!) With the impact my support system has made on me and all the types of courage they’ve given me in my life, I hope to rally others to take the leap as well, life is just way more fun and rewarding when you do!

-@Jenniferlynmc, CEO of The Big Fake Wedding