Desktop Downloads: Courage

There are two definitions of COURAGE: A) The ability to do something that frightens one, and B) Strength in the face of pain or grief. While both are inevitable and admirable, Type B totally fascinates me. I first experienced this kind of courage when I was 23. My life was turned upside down with the presence of death, depression, a collision with a drunk driver and divorce. I realized I had a choice: I could let it crush me, or I could choose Courage.

For me, Courage was continuing to walk the path in front of me in faith when I couldn’t see more than a step ahead. Courage was speaking truth in the face of opposition. Courage was clinging to light and having hope in the depths of despair. It took immense effort to choose this path, as I had let fear and people-pleasing rule me and destroy my purpose and my voice for a very long time. It was only through the unimaginable and overwhelming love of a few close friends, my faith, and a trillion tiny acts of Type A Courage every single day that I made it through that season.

Courage is contagious. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing someone rise from the ashes, defy all odds, stare fear in the face, or simply continue to show up, day in and day out, despite despair.

There’s always ways we could use more courage. Currently, I’m deeply concerned with the state of our nation and I’m praying for courage (and discernment) to use my voice as an advocate for change. I’m praying for courage to stand alongside the marginalized, and be a voice of love, hope, peace and justice. I’m praying for courage to show others the outrageous, radical love that changed and saved me.

Ali Nelson, Creator of Ali Makes Things