Love Note to the Plywood Community

In less than a month I will be married and move to Maple Grove, Minnesota. With all the joys that go along with it, there are also a lot of goodbyes. It’s a transition of a lifetime.

To say the process is not an easy one is stating it a lot less dramatically than it actually feels. I am sad to leave. I know it’s a rare gift to get to leave a job for happy reasons instead of dissatisfaction and I’m grateful for the gift.

We have had our fair share of ups and downs. It hasn’t been an easy 5 years of navigating our way through start-up unknowns.  I have learned more in these 5 years than I even know to name. We could recount endless stories from Plywood Presents, Retreats, meetings, through Billboard Bags, blog writing, and your generosity.

Some days the responsibilities of nurturing a community and trying to manufacture products [when I didn’t have one ounce of experience] was more than I knew what to do with.  Just when I would begin to believe that I might not be able to stick with it, the mission, vision, and friendship of Jeff and the Plywood Community was a stronger pull than that of my ease and comfort. The work of Plywood to invest in entrepreneurs and provide work for those asking for dignity drew me in and has given me life again and again. I would never trade the last 5 years for any of the dreams I had before.

This isn’t my story alone. I have had the privilege to walk alongside incredible communities in Clarkston and Atlanta, and have learned from each of you. Watching you pursue your goals and commitments to make your communities better has been challenging and inspiring.

Thank you for the opportunity to work along side you. I’m inexpressively thankful.

I’ve invested my heart and my self into this work because I believe in its importance. I have seen the difference it has made. Instead of seeking his own success and renown, continually I’ve watched as Jeff has chosen a path that propels others forward while he celebrates their victories.

I have invested nearly 2000 days of my life to make Plywood thrive and still believe in it as much as the first day. Would you please consider giving a gift to make the next 2000 days even greater? The work continues because people like you and me stand behind Jeff and this vision. I cannot wait to see what happens through The Plywood Community in years to come. Will you join me in encouraging the Plywood team? Would you give so the mission of Plywood can be propelled forward? I know from first hand experience how hard this team is working and I know from countless conversations with those they invest in, how very much it matters. Please consider giving, $20, $200, or $2000 toward the future team of Plywood People. You can give here.

Thank you for letting me serve this community.

Gisele Nelson