Thoughts on Culture | By the Team @ See.Spark.Go.

BY: Monique Jacques & Brittany Thoms, See.Spark.Go

A company culture reflects the passions, challenges, hopes and history of its collective team and mission. At See.Spark.Go, we work diligently to create a culture of high fives, fun, genuine care and say-it-with-me, “hard work!”

We believe that doing work that matters is a product of a culture where both results and relationships win. Without both, you’re either boring or just plain friends. So, while day in and day out we’re professional storytellers, thought-leader champions, vision constructors, platform builders and microphone stands, rallying digital audiences and methodically and creatively engaging raving fans, we’re doing it with the music on, the laughter flowing and our heels kicked up (or off!) every now and then!

As Plywood always says, “It’s hard work changing the world.”

So, how do you cultivate a healthy culture in a work environment or even just your personal community?

It all starts with attitude. Can do. Believe it. Achieve it. Find joy and passion in it. Attitude.

Leaders do not simply train team members in how to accomplish tasks, they also show them how to communicate, problem solve and resolve conflict in a professional, caring way.

Ask yourself—do I show my team that I believe in them? That I believe in the projects we are doing together? Do I put myself first? Or focus on equipping others? Do I challenge others to be better versions of themselves? Or do I hinder them?

When people feel known and empowered, celebrated and cheered on, they confidently take risks and work with tenacity. Feeling isolated, unheard or unequipped makes everyday challenges much larger, and we all would retreat in that environment. People over tasks, and healthy culture will follow. Tasks, too.

So, have fun, be honest, invite others in, enjoy the process and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

-Your friends at See.Spark.Go are here to help.