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WOW: In Life and Leadership from the founder of Sseko Designs

“WOW. It's one of my favorite words, in fact! I want to be a WOW leader, not a HOW leader. At a certain point in the creation journey, HOW becomes necessary, but by creating a culture of curiosity over criticism we can intentionally make space for the ideas that will eventually WOW. When creating, ideating and executing, I love to keep a single end user in mind. Who is she? What makes her come alive? What would make her say, 'Wow. I feel like this was created just for ME.'
The moment we try to soften our edges or tone down our idiosyncrasies to please the masses or to create something that is more palatable, I think we lose the ability to create truly unique products or experiences that will resonate deeply with anyone, let alone those we're most excited about creating for. I try to remember this truth as it helps me tune out all the voices competing for attention and approval and helps me focus instead on creating something that is TRUE, even just for myself and one other.
That's when the magic happens ✨✨✨.” -Liz Forkin Bohannon of Sseko Designs