2018 Idea Competition Finalists

We are choosing three non-profits (NP) and three for-profits (FP) to present their project on stage at Plywood Presents. We are looking for ideas that are DISRUPTING an industry. The winners will receive a $3000 See Beautiful grant, a press opportunity, professional services (accounting, legal, etc) and a launch party at Plywood Place.

Below you'll find the ten finalists' website (click the business name) and their answer to the question, "What industry are you disrupting, and how do you see your work disrupting that industry?"

Please vote for your top three choices by Wednesday June 6. Thank you!



The Known Project

We are disrupting the gift industry (with our book and flip questions). Our goal is to disrupt the shallow, quick, and broad connections in our lives in exchange for more intentional, slow, and deep knowing of those around us. We do this by providing resources for better table conversations that will help people see and hear the unique people in our worlds. We believe people feel loved when they are more deeply known.

Beya Made

Children's fashion has become disposable, with cheaply made garments fitting a child for a single season. Beya Made uses innovative design to make unisex baby and children's clothes that adjust to fit the child as they grow, for up to three years of use. The garments can then be handed on to a sibling, relative or friend regardless of gender. That's one Beya Made outfit to replace at least SIX fast fashion outfits.


Advertising/Marketing - By creating one of the first AR user facing apps that is fun, simple, and valuable. We are creating a whole new element of surprise and delight to companies advertising stack. We can reach potential customers in AR at any place at any time. We are changing advertising from being intrusive to being exciting.

Vamos Ladies

I’m disrupting the fastest growing group of women entrepreneurs. Latinas. Vamos Ladies is a community that connects Latinas to each other and to the networks that can help their businesses grow. Currently much of the conversation for Latina entrepreneurs centers around access to capital for Latinas. However, In my interviews with 100 women entrepreneurs I learned about the importance of strong networks, coaching, and community. By connecting women across the country to better networks and resources, we will help them take steps to strengthen their business.

Mission Mighty Me

We exist to end the food allergy epidemic, which currently affects 1 out of every 13 children in the US, by disrupting the US baby food industry. Through indisputable research published in 2015, we now know that food allergies can be prevented from developing in children by including potentially allergenic foods into babies' diets early and often. Despite that, the entire $7 billion US baby food industry is geared towards avoiding these foods before 2 years of age. There are currently no significant food brands for babies in the United States that have any products containing peanuts or tree nuts. We intend to change that.   


The PATH Project

We believe we are changing the face of education among low-income students - increasing the graduation rates in under-served communities. We are doing this by putting a greater emphasis on relationships - parent/school partnerships, school/community partnerships, and mobile home park owner/resident partnerships. Investing more in relationships is the key.

Picture Change

Picture Change is a nonprofit disrupting the photography industry by diversifying the perspectives and voices contributing to global media. Rather than being the silent subjects of foreign photographers, Picture Change empowers students in under-represented communities to be both advocates and authors as they document the stories of their lives and community through photography. 

The Empowered Readers Literacy Project

We envision ourselves disrupting the Literacy Industry by changing the focus of reading.  We are turning the Literacy Industry on its head -- focusing primarily on exciting, Adventurous content as a means of engaging children in the reading process, creating reading rituals and cultivating Active Readers.  From there, the learning process will emerge organically and will enhance the tools for reading that teachers traditionally provide in class.  We will shift the focus from kids simply learning skills and memorizing rules and sight words to kids engaging in imaginative Adventures and tapping into their creativity. We believe that diverse, engaging content and interaction with the stories will get kids excited about reading.  

Diversify Dietetics

We are disrupting the healthcare education industry by leveling the amount of resources all students have access to. We are making resources that have been shown to increase a student’s success (mentoring, financial aid, professional networks, application and interviewing coaching) available to all students, no matter their physical location or income level. We are doing this by “crowdfunding” the knowledge and expertise of nutrition and dietetics professionals and educators and giving the students access through social media to these professionals that they wouldn’t otherwise meet.

Magic City Woodworks

Magic City Woodworks is disrupting the manufacturing industry. If it’s up to me and my team, gone are the days where people who work with their hands are forced to work in dimly lit warehouses with no break rooms. Consumers should always be welcomed to meet the people who make their products. We offer real jobs & real products made in beautiful spaces, most importantly by people who can make good money doing what they love. We have found tremendous success through personality testing and leadership development methods. As blue collar millennials enter the workforce, we must understand how to train, equip and invest in people now more than ever. We are disrupting an industry where the average age craftsman is 45-47 years old.

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