Plywood Advisors are a curated group of seasoned entrepreneurs and niche subject experts who wish to steward their expertise by advising the Plywood People community.

Mentorship is a lifeline. It helps the mentor understand the heartbeat of challenges, discern the pulse of possibilities, and prescribe tangible next steps for the student to pursue their dreams and goals. The beautiful thing about the mentorship process is that at any given moment you could be either the student or the mentor.
— Terence Lester / Love Beyond Walls
Knowing what you don’t know is so vital. When you know what you don’t know, you have this desperate need for input from others, for mentors. And you also know that one thing you do know, and you’re confident enough to mentor others in that one thing.
— Kitti Murray / Refuge Coffee Co.
Mentorship is the heartbeat of leadership. I have seen and felt no greater impact on community than deliberately advising others on how to avoid mistakes, repeat successes, improve on existing ideas, and envision a better future.
— Jerome Lubbe DC, DACNB / Thrive Neuro