Why should i join?

Layers exists to provide monthly coaching and resources for you and your project or business. Through group advice, built-in accountability and access to a strong network of mentors, this is Plywood People's way of doing a consistent deep dive into your work, offering the very best of who we are to what you're building.

what can i expect?

As a Layers member, you can expect:

  • to have consistent community and deeper relationships with a group of like-minded leaders.

  • the ability to be heard and known in a small group setting

  • introductions to Plywood Advisors.

  • an opportunity to talk through tensions and to offer and receive feedback.

Where & when is it?

Layers meet-ups are held once a month at Plywood Place, located at 174 Carroll Street in Atlanta.

Meet-ups are held in the mornings, either from 9am-12pm or 8am-11am. The schedule of dates for the year will be given to you ahead of time.

What does it cost?

Layers requires a one-year commitment and costs $100/month. If you are a non-profit, we recommend asking a board member to underwrite the cost for you.

As a Layers member, you can also add a Plywood Place Commuter Membership for just $50/month, allowing you to use the office space daily.

I can confidently say that without these consistent voices speaking into both my business and into my life, I would not have a thriving business! Joining this group has been my wisest business decision from the last 3 years.
— Laura Balfour / Fleecher Designs
Ever since joining my Layers group, it has been incredibly valuable to my development and refreshment as a leader. I’m constantly challenged, encouraged, and supported by my fellow Layers members. I would be much less effective or content as a leader without this community.
— William Warren / The Sketch Effect
Layers has been a gift to my soul & my business. It blows me away that we are building businesses in different industries, of different sizes, with different goals and life circumstances... and yet I leave every month bursting with motivation and actionable steps to solve whatever challenge I’m facing.
— Taylor Curry / Spirit Animal