Why should i join?

At Plywood Place, a team of one becomes a team of twenty. Hard-working entrepreneurs at various stages in their project’s development are able to consistently speak into each others’ ideas and provide much needed encouragement and feedback. By working from Plywood Place, you not only get access to great content but to a great community. Better is happening every day, and the best way to experience it for yourself and for your project is to go all-in with a membership at Plywood Place!

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what can i expect?

A Plywood Place Desk membership includes:

  • dedicated desk and surrounding desk space
  • 24-hour access
  • amenities including the printer/copier, WiFi, mailbox and coffee
  • access to two conference tables, per availability
  • invitations to monthly Plywood Place lunches
  • daily access to the Plywood People team for coaching, accountability and connections
  • working alongside other Plywood Place members like Ali Makes Things, Break Into Business, Kula Project, The Write Practice, Haley Jo Photography and THROW

Plywood Place also offers a Commuter package with limited access and use of a shared desk space.

Where is it?

Plywood Place is located at 174 Carroll Street 30312 in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta.

What does it cost?

The Plywood Place Desk option is $400/month (or $600 for a team). You can also split days with a friend for $200/month.

The Plywood Place Commuter option is $100/month.


The Plywood community has been a pivotal part of my business and personal growth. The energy felt, the relationships built, and the ideas cultivated at plywood place are priceless. I can’t imagine going back to being a solo entrepreneur.
— Hayley Johnson / Haley Jo Photography
As a freelancer new to Atlanta and working from home, making the move to Plywood’s co-working space drastically improved my life. Within weeks I had created so many great friendships and connections that I quickly felt at home. I’ve been motivated by these like-minded, driven professionals to do my best work and grow as a human. For this, I am deeply grateful.
— John Jurko II / Filmmaker