The history of Plywood Presents is full of inspirational talks,
electric connections and world-changing catalysts for good.
And we celebrate our history but know it’s time for something new.

This year’s Plywood Presents has been entirely reimagined.
Remixed, redesigned, reshaped, rethought.

We sat with you, called you, and asked you what you needed.
Because well, Plywood Presents only exists to serve you.

You said you wanted more time for community.
We hear you.

You said you wanted less time sitting.
We got you.

You said you wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
We say, tell us more. We’re listening.


2019 marks the 10th year of Plywood Presents,
and we bring you ATL IDEAS: A Festival of All Things Good!

A 3-day festival in celebration of GOOD work in Atlanta and across the globe.

Three days of goodness, three days of impact,
and three days of remembering that better is possible.

15 Global Leaders
12 Local Presenters
9 Emerging Projects

23 Moments of Connection

Will you join us?

July 31 - Aug 02, 2019