Plywood Scholarship Application

Plywood People is a non-profit based in Atlanta that leads a community of start-ups doing good. Our donors have helped us underwrite programming costs in order to keep our programming costs low, so the prices we charge for events, Path, Foundations and Layers are our minimum operational costs.

However, we understand that sometimes start-up leaders are still not able to afford the full-price of programming. This is where the scholarship application process comes in! Please fill out the form below telling us more about yourself and about what you need in order to participate. We'll put these requests before our Board of Advisors a few times a year. (Tip: A partial-scholarship is much more likely to be approved than a total scholarship, as it shows a deeper level of commitment for you to make some financial contribution. We also suggest asking mentors, board members or family/friends to donate on your behalf to cover all or parts of your costs!).

Good luck!

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