We still struggle with the right words to use: social entrepreneurs? mission-minded leaders? do-good projects? Whatever the term, we have walked alongside over 500 of these special people over the years, and we want to share a small glimpse of some of these world-changers/problem-solvers/Plywood People below:

Sarah buchanon-sasson / Kula project

Kula Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that invests in the dreams and businesses of women in Rwanda.

Larry Witherspoon / Automotive training center

The Automotive Training Center equips its graduates with the necessary skills to pursue their dreams of an automotive career path, college graduation, and business ownership.

"I am a 'Plywood Person' because my organization would not be where it is today without Plywood People. Plywood has generously given us publicity and access to their vast network of supporters. Plywood was instrumental in our start-up success, and we could not be more grateful." -Larry

Brian & KeRI Fosse / Lalabu

Lalabu is leading the simple babywearing movement and gives 2% of every purchase to fund the dreams of families.

" Lalabu wouldn't be where it is today without Plywood.  It was at a Plywood retreat that I started thinking realistically about launching our company.  If we weren't part of the Plywood community we would have quit along the way too because instead of having someone to say, 'You can get through this,' and being there to help, we would have just been on our own." -Brian

rachelle knowles / cultivate union

Cultivate Union is a community non-profit organization committed to deepening the impact of yoga and meditation in Atlanta.

"Path by Plywood came at a pivotal time when I began my work on Cultivate Union; it took me, as they say, from Clouds to Concrete. When I finished Path and Jeff mentioned the opportunity to work at Plywood Place, I jumped on it because I knew it would give me the support and community I needed to keep going. I'm grateful to be a part of this powerful community and for the generosity that is at the heart of Plywood People." -Rachelle

eryn erickson / SO worth loving

So Worth Loving is an apparel line that challenges their community to embrace their past and empower their future.

KATHRYN BAUER / Curious Kathryn

Curious Kathryn is the hand-poured candle business of a 10 year old entrepreneur and graduate of Break into Business, a non-profit camp that has a mission to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Terence Lester / Love Beyond Walls

Love Beyond Walls exists to raise awareness of societal needs through technology and storytelling, and to mobilize people to take part in it.

"I met Plywood People at a pivotal moment in my life. I was wondering if there was a place for the mis-fits and justice-seekers that dared to color outside the lines. I found that safe space within this community. Plywood has given me a community where I can develop my dreams like a mad-scientist without feeling the pressure to conform. It's also provided the wisdom and principles needed to lead the ideas we produce at Love Beyond Walls well. I am grateful to be part of this community." -Terence

Kitti Murray / Refuge Coffee Co.

Refuge Coffee Co. is a coffee truck that provides employment and job-training opportunities to resettled refugees, creating a welcoming gathering place in Clarkston, Ga.

"I met Plywood at the eruption phase of an idea when I had no idea what to do with the hot lava of that idea! As Refuge Coffee began to take shape, this community acted as patient teachers and gifted friends. I can honestly say Refuge would be a faint thought today if not for the guidance and wisdom Plywood gave and continues to give." - Kitti

Jonathan Rich / J.Rich Atlanta & Brilliant ATL

J.Rich Atlanta is a team of Realtors & Innovators devoted to inventive branding strategies, a matchless knowledge of the local market, and an unconditional commitment to the care of our clients.

Chantel Adams / ForeverWe

ForeverWe helps kids use toys to tell their story, and their first product is a doll with a port and removable hair that allows kids with cancer a unique way to share what is happening to them and kids who care an equal opportunity to share the experience with compassion and understanding